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Career Exploration - Figuring out the future - and your next steps

on Sunday, March 31, 2013

Each of us has a particular contribution that we can make to the betterment of the world. That "contribution" is there, floating in our awareness, but we may not be able to see consciously. With self-awareness and support, it becomes easier to sift through all our conflicting thoughts about career to get to something solid by which we can make firm decisions on next steps and future goals. My job is to be your intuitive listener, your space of objective support, your cheerleader as we bring into your awareness what you want to be doing.

How it works: I will send you homework when we book our first session. I will capture our work together using a framework called Career Cycles. This will track everything essential you are learning about yourself and your desires around work. After around 4 sessions or so (depending on what stage you are at) I will ask you to create from our work together a Career Statement, which will be a summary of who you are and what you're looking for. From there I can continue to support you in your exploration of the possibilities you've created, or you will feel inspired to take steps on your own.

I am a big believer in making short term plans to keep you safe and secure while you are doing the bigger work of exploring your career path so we may talk about ways for you to earn your living in the interim.

I can also act to help review and validate a decision you've made if you want to run it by a non-biased sounding board.

**I have a limited number of career coaching spaces available and have two appointments times on Saturdays (12 and 1:30). Please contact me with some background on what you're looking for and I will let you know my availability.**

Career Cycles Process - 5 sessions (one hour), $600 (plus long distance charges if you contact me by phone)

Career Diagnostic (a check in about where you are at/overview) - 2 sessions, $250 (plus long distance charges if you contact me by phone)

If you are interested in a one-off "validation" appointment, contact me.

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