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on Thursday, July 14, 2011

Originally published: THURSDAY APRIL 19, 2007

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In the last month, almost all of my clients and everyone else, including my neighbour ,have asked me if I've seen The Secret.  In the last week, almost everyone I know or have ever met (or so it seems) has signed up for Facebook.
What I find fascinating about both of these events is that each of these have tapped into something in our collective conciousness that we are ready to activate.  The Secret is a simple, easy-to-digest version of the Law of Attraction, a secret that hasn't been all that secret for many years.  Facebook is the next evolution of connection pages on the Internet - kind of like MySpace but less intimidating for people over 16.  It seems silly at first, but I have already had some wonderful reconnections with people I really like, as well as a rather profound one.

I found The Secret a little silly at first as well (I had been warned of its focus on the material things, but limos and diamond necklace gifts seemed beside the point) until I kept hearing stories of people inspired by The Secret to make changes in their lives and attitudes - starting businesses, finding the perfect house, lifting from depression.
The Secret also made me dizzy...kind of like Facebook was doing.  The endless potential intentions I could manifest!  The endless people I could seek out for re-connection!
When talking with the great Karen Hood Caddy (found here), she wisely said (as she wisely says everything) that the Secret such as it is presented is accurate but isn't very grounded.
What does that mean?  It means that it shows and encourages you how to create beyond your wildest dreams, but it doesn't focus on the importance of doing that safely - so that you can comfortably hold the feelings of those dreams you create, in your body and in your mind, without feeling spun out (that "dizzy" feeling).  As you work with an intention, you need to do more than think and feel it, you need to draw it into your body at a rate you can handle.  If you feel jumpy and agitated, it's probably too much.  Not that you can't have it; you just might want to work up to it in smaller steps.
I found something similar on Facebook.  I found an old friend with whom I'd had a past that was, let's say, rocky, though I love and admire this person very much.  Almost dizzy with the possibility, I didn't know what to do.  In my excitment, I sent him a "poke" (a virtual playful one).  Then immediately I thought, "Well that might be weird to get that and not be sure what it means" so I decided to add him to a Friends list with no personal message.  Feeling antsy, I went upstairs to have a shower and a think.  It came to me that while the ease of the technology had allowed me the connection, I needed to use it more responsibly.  I came back down and sent a message - one full of the acknowledgement I've wanted to share for years and made it okay whatever he chose to do with it.
After I was done, I felt calm.  It was a much safer way to deal with something tied to so many big emotions.  And happily I got a better response than I could have imagined, one that left me (safely) buzzed all day.
The power of both these tools is in knowing that you still have to be in the driver's seat of what feels right and what's appropriate for you.  You may have to digest the Secret in smaller sections or try it out on something simple first before going for everything you've ever wanted.  You may want to slow down on Facebook and limit the number of people you find and add each day, so that you can appreciate and digest the ones that you do find.
The Law of Attraction is as much about being aware of our feeling state as our mental one.  It's very exciting that we are collectively beginning to understand how big and wide our power is as human beings.  As we learn to integrate our thoughts and feelings, we will see shifts throughout the world.
But as ever, the best place to start is within.  Learn to take care of yourself around these exciting tools, and you will be able to wield them in ways that empower and enliven your life.

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