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on Thursday, July 14, 2011

Originally published: FEBRUARY 2, 2007

Hello and special welcome to anyone who is thinking of bidding at the Marguerite Market.  Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.

At last she blogs again!

I'll make this short as I'm writing away on a deadline.  My thought for the day is about the fears that hold us back, without even knowing it.

Recently I worked with a client and her fears about networking, particularly at conference cocktail parties where she didn't know very many people.  While well-spoken and highly intelligent, she discovered that cocktail parties always made her feel like she was a new kid in school all over again.

That was a new thought - tracing an old fear back to present day.  But there are lots of times where old beliefs, incidents and insecurities come back to haunt us in our career, no matter how mature, grown up and logical we can seem the majority of the time.  Sometimes, even though we want to believe we're "complete" or "over" something that happened, it can still get under our skin unexpectedly, and sabotage our ability to move forward.

I like to think of myself of the Career version of Veronica Mars (a great TV show about a youthful private eye with a unique ability to get to the bottom of any mystery).  I "sleuth" for clues as to why you aren't moving forward and you can't figure out why.  You just have to be brave enough to start asking questions, letting the answers come and following the trail where it leads.

And we do the "solving" together!

Happy Groundhog Day,

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