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HIRE POWER: The Ultimate job Guide for Young Canadians

Hey there child prodigies...this book is not for you.  This book is for the rest of us...students looking for their first job or a better job who want an edge.

My first book!  A real joy and pain to write (as I suppose all first books must be) I learned so many things along the way.  Since this book was researched and written when I was a student (and working, I might add, at a video store - take that Tarantino!) I was pretty in tune with what it was like out there.  I tried to keep the tone fun and interesting.  At the time, there weren't many job search books for students and most job search books had a wagging finger tone to them. 

I have always felt, as in the words of my good friend and first editor "If it's boring for you to write Schaffer, it's boring for them to read".  It's a motto I try and live by in my writing.  Anyway, point is, I was aiming for good times on a pretty dull and scary subject matter.

While the book appeals to high school students mostly, the breakdown of how to write a resume and a cover letter is pretty clear and I've had adults tell me they've used it for their own searches. 

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